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LUCERO DE AVILA, Propietaria Owner


Lucero de Avila is a 21st shaman, temazcalera, faith healer, whose compromise to herself is: TO DEDICATE HER KNOWLEDGE AND HEALING GIFTS TO THE SERVICE OF OTHERS.

While becoming a Holistic Therapist, Lucero has practiced phsychobioenergtic integration, a compilation of holistic techniques in order to facilitate the process of personal integration on all levels: phsychological, bioenergetic, and spiritual, facilitating the betterment and maintenance of ones health and supporting the being in its unfication to its means and cosmic origin. She has carried out the study of Universal Energy, (Spiritual Human Yoga) Spiritual Energy, (Emilio Laporga), Reiki, level II (Usui System), and a variety of techniques in massage therapy, reflexology, chiropractic massage, shiatsu, intro to kinesiology, etc. She´s an active graduate of 4o camino (4th Path, Gurdjieff-Bennet) (Dr. Alfonso Ruiz Soto en México) teachings consisting of life practices of transpersonal psychology, yoga practitioner, Chi Kung, and meditation. Lucero is congruent in her words and actions, with an open heart and mind AT THE SERVICE OF OTHER PERSONS!

Mexico is a place full of magic and mysteries yet to be discovered in its interpretation of life and in its healing ways. Within our treatments and therapies we have combined the ancient wisdom of our prehispanic culture along with modern techniques of alternative medicine.

Massage is probably THE MOST ANCIENT AND ARTISTIC CURATIVE METHOD and has been rediscovered on numerous occasions along the centuries. To this day, massage is considered a potent method to treat the stress of modern life, tension, emotional traumas and sickness, replacing each of them with energy and a vibrant life. The magic that comes from a massage is a gift, the magic situates in the ability of the therapist to chanel those mysterious vital forces, that while are flowing through our bodies, give everything we do a greater force, in fact, an almost magical aspect.

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