Along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, in the heart of Costa Alegre, in a magical and homey town: Barra de Navidad, with ideal climatic conditions, the Ocean Pacific nearby, contact with nature, its beautiful beaches, and spectacular sunsets, Casa Holistica Sol offers an alternative option to get away from stress and an accelerated lifestyle.
Casa Holistica Sol is located in the state of Jalisco at a 20 minute drive from Manzanillo International Airport, Playa de Oro, a four hour drive from Guadalajara, a two hour drive from the city of Colima, and a three hour drive to Puerto Vallarta. And its location within Barra de Navidad is in a new and peaceful neighborhood two blocks from the beach (a five minute walk) and a ten minute walk to downtown.

The best thing about Barra is....its people!


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Casa  HolÍstica  Sol,  is located in a peaceful an safe neighborhood within the town of Barra de Navidad an is a ten minute walking distance to downtown and tweny minutes from the lagoon and promenade.

Its location is surrounded by silence, peace, and tranquility within the magical and small town of Barra de Navidad. Within a five minutes walking distance from our facilities, you´ll find one of the towns most tranquil and beautiful beaches. While walking along the beach, the tranquility of the ocean and sky with its brilliant blue tones dominates, while we contemplate ideas and oxigenate our organism with clean air as our feet relax in the sand and the warmth of the sun and our internal self is our sole companion....


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